May 12, 2003

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Latest allegations against Prof. Dennis Dailey unsubstantiated, KU says

LAWRENCE -- Although Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, has made additional allegations against University of Kansas Professor Dennis Dailey since her original April 6 complaint, the new charges are largely anonymous and unsubstantiated, KU said today.

"We were unable to investigate these new charges, frankly, because they have been anonymous and no valid documentation substantiates them," KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway said.

On May 9, KU Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor David Shulenburger submitted to Hemenway a thorough monthlong review of Wagle's original nine allegations.

Hemenway cited as an example of allegations made since Wagle's April 6 complaint various unsubstantiated charges on several "O'Reilly Factor" TV programs. In a recent program, a woman who said she was a 1994 KU graduate in social welfare was identified only as "Jennifer" and was shown only in silhouette.

"She repeated written allegations against Dailey that Sen. Wagle read during a debate in the Senate on May 2," Hemenway said. "Since KU does not know the identity of 'Jennifer,' it is not possible to investigate her specific charges. KU cannot determine whether she ever made a formal complaint, or what a KU staff person said or did in response."

Other examples of undocumented allegations and hearsay include the following:

 • On an "O'Reilly Factor" TV program (April 29), Wagle stated that Dailey "goes to porn night in the fraternities. He goes to porn night in the dormitories." Her evidence for this charge, which Dailey adamantly denies, was an e-mail sent to her by someone who says she is the mother of a male KU student. The source of the allegation is not specified, nor have the names of the student or his mother been made public.

 • Wagle's May 2 documents included excerpts of a graduate student paper written by Ronald E. Hestand in 1994. The paper alluded to comments allegedly made by Dailey at a seminar 10 years earlier. Upon review, it is not accurate to characterize the paper as a doctoral dissertation, as Wagle did in the Senate. The author of the paper has not completed a doctorate at any university.

 • Another May 2 Wagle document is a letter written to her by the husband of a student who was enrolled in social welfare at KU in 1983. Neither the student nor the husband is identified, so it was not possible for KU to investigate his comments.

 • Another May 2 Wagle document, also unsigned, describes a student taking a complaint about the class to KU's ombudsman. Without knowing the identity of the student, it is not possible for KU to investigate her complaint. Normally, conversations between a KU student and the ombudsman remain confidential.

 • Another May 2 Wagle document is an anonymous affidavit from a KU audio-video technician who happened to observe the class. The technician expressed a personal opinion about what he or she saw. Since KU does not know who the person is, it was not possible to investigate the comments.

 • Another May 2 Wagle document was a signed statement by a Lawrence private detective, Virgil Parker. Both Parker and Wagle have refused to tell the public who hired him to attend the class on March 31 and April 2, without the knowledge of class members or the consent of Dailey.

The text of the provost's full report and related documents is available for the public to read at Given the nature of the allegations, some of the content in the report is explicit in nature and is not intended for minors.


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