Jan. 28, 2004

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KU research expenditures hit $258M mark, set record in 2003

LAWRENCE -- The University of Kansas set a record of $258 million for total research expenditures in fiscal year 2003, an increase from $243 million in FY2002. The figure includes all sources of funding from inside and outside the university.

More important, KU increased its research expenditures from funding sources outside of KU by an impressive 11 percent to $165 million for FY2003. The FY2002 total was $148 million.

"This continues the dramatic growth in research expenditures at KU," said Jim Roberts, interim vice provost for research and president of the KU Center for Research. "More significantly, KU has increased the amount of research expenditures from sources outside the university, including projects sponsored by various federal government agencies.

By comparison, in FY1993, KU had research expenditures from sources outside of KU of $69 million.

"The stronger we become in research, the better we are able to compete for major grants, which creates a highly positive cycle of success," Roberts said.

Reporting the level of expenditures, rather than awards, is the national norm for research activity because it provides a more accurate picture of the amount spent on research projects in a given year, Roberts said.

Included within the $165 million figure are two equally important numbers. Federally funded research expenditures totaled $133 million -- a 16 percent increase over FY2002 -- while federally financed science and engineering research expenditures totaled $91 million -- an almost 10 percent increase over FY2002.

"Our researchers at KU continue to fare very well in national competitions for federal dollars," said KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway. "The continued upward growth in research spending is a testament to their strong expertise and solid research."

Institutional funds totaled $93 million in FY2003. This figure represents funding from KU's budget spent primarily on sponsored research projects.

"The biggest advantage is to our students," Roberts said. "The learning environment created by researchers who are leaders in their field of expertise provides a rich educational experience for students who attend KU."

KU research expenditures -- FY2003

Federal agencies: $133.3 million (includes $90.9 million in science and engineering research funding)

State and local government: $10.5 million

Industry: $6.7 million

Not-for-profit and other: $14.2 million

Total research expenditures, sources outside of KU: $164.7 million

Institutional Funds: $93.3 million

Total research expenditures from all sources outside and inside KU: $258 million


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