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May 3, 2005
Contact: Mark Nesbitt-Daly, Honors Program, (785) 864-4225.

58 KU undergraduates receive research awards for summer projects

LAWRENCE -- Fifty-eight University of Kansas students will conduct projects this summer with $71,100 in undergraduate research awards administered by KU's Honors Program.

Five students received J. Michael Young Undergraduate Research Awards, given to the top proposals from students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. They will receive $1,500 each to conduct their research. Fifty-three students were selected for Undergraduate Research Awards, which will provide $1,200 each for their projects.

" Now in its 48th year, the Undergraduate Research Award competition is a testimony to our institution's commitment to supporting honors and especially undergraduates," said Mark Nesbitt-Daly, assistant director of the University Honors Program, courtesy assistant professor of Germanic languages and literatures and courtesy lecturer in humanities and Western civilization. "KU has one of the longest-standing traditions of supporting undergraduate research in the nation."

The awards are from special funds made available by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the chancellor's office, the provost's office and KU's General Research Fund. Their purpose is to support original, independent research by undergraduates from the Lawrence campus.

Selection criteria included the student's academic record, ability to complete the proposed research project, the project's potential contribution to knowledge and the educational value of the research to the student. Applicants also provided recommendations from faculty sponsors and other faculty members familiar with their work and proposals.

The Honors Program provides enriched educational opportunities to KU's most academically talented, motivated and promising students through honors courses, programs and tutorials. Stanley Lombardo, professor of classics, is director of the Honors Program.

Students receiving awards, their hometowns, majors and level in school, parents' names and high schools (if available), research project titles and faculty advisers are listed below. J. Michael Young Undergraduate Research Award recipients are identified; all others received undergraduate research awards.

From Iola
Gideon D. VanRiette, junior in chemistry and English, son of Janet Rodman; Iola Senior High School; "Analysis and Comparison of two Symphetic Methods for Rigid-Body Molecular Simulation"; Brian Laird, professor of chemistry.

From Benton
Jason Horry Beury, senior in environmental studies and in Latin American studies with a minor in peace and conflict studies; son of John Beury; Wichita High School East; "A Pedagogy of Human Potential"; Martha Jalali-Rabbani, lecturer in humanities and Western civilization.

From Towanda and Derby
Rebecca Evanhoe, senior in chemistry and in journalism and mass communications (news and information emphasis) with a minor in French; daughter of Charles and Deborah Evanhoe, Derby, and Barbara Evanhoe and Gary Kroeker, Towanda; Derby High School; "Same Universe, Different Paradigm: Realizing Ancient Presocratic Philosophy through Modern Fiction Writing"; Mary Klayder, university honors lecturer in English.

From Jamestown
John Michael Kuhn, sophomore in biology and in Slavic languages and literatures, son of Daniel Kuhn; Concordia High School; "Of Smut and Sedges"; Helen Alexander, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.

From Baldwin City
Lori Smith, senior in astronomy, mathematics and physics, daughter of Darrel and Kathy Smith; Baldwin High School; "Correlating Cosmic Ray Flux with the Bone Cancer Rate"; Larry Martin, professor and senior curator, Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center.

From Lawrence
Amanda Leeh Blackhorse, junior in social work; "A Survey of Social Workers' Knowledge and Attitude about Indigenous Clients"; Catherine Crisp, assistant professor of social welfare.
Laurel J. Haavik, senior in biology, daughter of Karl Altman and Sarah Haavik; Lawrence High School; "The Effect of Drought Stress on Oak Resistance to Red Oak Borer Infestation in the Ozark St. Francis National Forest"; Sharon Billings, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.
Grace Anne Hoyt, junior in social work with a minor in African and African-American studies, daughter of John and Jane Hoyt; Lawrence Free State High School; "An Evaluation of Responses to the AIDS Crisis and Its Effects on Children in Mozambique"; Garth Myers, associate professor of African and African-American studies.
Rachel Elizabeth Mehl, junior in Latin American studies and Spanish; daughter of Judith Mehl; Lawrence High School; "Herstory: Women's Lives as Manifestations of Current Border Issues"; J. Michael Young Undergraduate Research Award recipient; Laura Herlihy, adjunct research associate, Latin American studies.
Lucas Todd Thompson, junior in American studies, English and history, son of Todd and Caprice Thompson; Lawrence Free State High School; "God and Kansas: Diverse Religious Practices in the State"; Aaron Ketchell, lecturer in humanities and Western civilization.

From Dodge City
Shane Richard Stecklein, junior in biology, son of Diane Stecklein; Dodge City Senior High School; "The Tumor Suppressor Protein APC Interacts with Cytokeratin 18 in the Nuclei of Normal Colon Epithelial Cells"; Kristi Neufeld, assistant professor of molecular biosciences.

From Leawood
Neha Sharma, junior in human biology, daughter of Ram and Santosh Sharma; Blue Valley North High School; "Drug Screening Assay for Protein-Protein Interactions"; Keshava Kumar, associate research professor, Higuchi Biosciences Center.

From Mission
Kelly D. Abrams, senior in English and sociology, daughter of Bruce and Karen McRoberts; Shawnee Mission East High School; "Language Lessons: A Componential Analysis of Directives in Standardized Tests"; James Hartman, professor of English.

From Olathe
Elizabeth Barreto, senior in architecture; "Nesting of Ergonomic Shapes in Space Environments"; Bezaleel Benjamin, professor of architecture.
Kyle Batten, senior in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Olathe South High School; "Las Vegas: A Synthesis of the Synthetic"; So Yeon Park, assistant professor of art.
From Overland Park
Laura Pauly Banning, senior in English, daughter of William and Martha Banning; Bishop Miege High School, Mission; "'Unreal' London: Post-Colonial Literature, Post-Colonial Questions"; Mary Klayder, university honors lecturer, English.
Megan Christina Laura Embers, senior in architectural studies and design, daughter of Margo Brown; Shawnee Mission East High School; "Designing for the Elderly: A Search for Solutions to Homebound Living"; May Tveit, associate professor of industrial design.
Lindsey Leeann Lang, junior in design, daughter of Don and Susan Lang; "Nassen: Color Rice Paste Resist Printing on Silk"; Mary Anne Jordan, associate professor of design.
Mary Catherine McGuire, senior in English and history of art, daughter of Don and Anita McGuire; Olathe East High School; "The Translated Image: Gender Representation in Photorealistic Political Murals in Northern Ireland"; Katie Conrad, associate professor of English.
Terrence Gordon Peterson, junior in history and humanities, son of Kenneth and Megan Peterson; Olathe East High School; "Cultural Constructions of Women's Role in French Resistance (1940-1945) in Film and Literature"; John Sweets, professor of history.
Amanda M. Shriwise, sophomore in biochemistry and French, daughter of Rodney and Susan Shriwise; Shawnee Mission South High School; "Inhibition of a Bacterial Histamine Dehydrogenase by Antihistamines"; Julian Limburg, assistant professor of chemistry.
Scott Frederick Starrett, junior in design, son of Fred and Linda Starrett; Olathe East High School; "A Ghost Among Us"; Patrick Dooley, professor of design.

From Prairie Village
Brennan R. Metzler, junior in mathematics and physics, son of Rob and Marcia Metzler; Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, Mo.; "Front-End Electronics for the Zero Degree Colorimeter"; Michael Murray, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.
Laura A. Stiles, sophomore in engineering physics, daughter of Mark and Brenda Stiles; Shawnee Mission East High School; "Quark Chemistry: Is Chemical Equilibrium Attained in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions?"; Michael Murray, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

From Hillsboro
Adam Wade Driggers, junior in art, son of Darrell and Charlene Driggers; Hillsboro High School; "Memory in Action"; Cima Katz, professor of art.

From Marquette
Lauren M. Ronsse, senior in architectural engineering, daughter of Peter and Gae Ronsse; McPherson High School; J. Michael Young Undergraduate Research Award recipient;
"Speech Intelligibility in Lecture Halls"; Bob Coffeen, lecturer in architecture.

From McPherson
Jill E. Koehler, sophomore in biochemistry, daughter of Roger and Joyce Koehler; McPherson High School; "Control of Orientation and Conformation on Surfaces of ATP Synthase"; Cindy Berrie, assistant professor of chemistry.

From Leonardville
Thomas Ryan O'Leary, junior in biology, son of Michael and Terri O'Leary; Manhattan High School; "A Complete and Highly Resolved Phylogeny of the Genus Aichryson (Crassulaceae) Using Nuclear and Chlorplast Sequence Data"; Mark Mort, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and assistant curator at the Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center.

From Manhattan
Jessica Janelle Funk, sophomore in women's studies, daughter of Sherrie Howell; Manhattan High School; "Uncovering the Community Secret: Acknowledging Same-Sex Abuse and Reconstructing Theories of Domestic Violence"; Charlene Muehlenhard, professor of women's studies.
Joel Daniel Myers, junior in English, son of Daniel and Molly Myers; Manhattan High School; J. Michael Young Undergraduate Research Award recipient; "Paradisical Structure and Fugal Composition in Ezra Pound's 'The Cantos'"; G. Douglas Atkins, professor of English.

From Salina
Zachary Rowland Flanders, freshman in chemistry, son of Phil and Jane Flanders; Salina South High School; "Studies on the Interaction between the Topaquinone Cofactor and Copper in Copper Amine Oxidase"; Minae Mure, assistant professor of chemistry.
Joshua Alexander Sebree, senior in biochemistry and chemistry, son of Steven and Jeanne Sebree; Salina Central High School; "The Solubility of Oxygen in Acetonitrile/Expanded Carbon Dioxide Systems"; David Benson, associate professor of chemistry.

From Derby
Rebecca Evanhoe. See Butler County.

From Wichita
Justin James Hanke, junior in biology and chemistry; son of Frances Hanke; Campus High School; "Characterization of Neurons Expressing Thromburane Receptor Gene"; James Orr, professor and chair of biological sciences.
Jay Marshall Kimmel, senior in economics, international studies and political science; son of John and Karen Kimmel; Wichita High School Southeast; "Intrastate Conflict in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Role of Regionalism"; Erik Herron, associate professor of political science.
Kahlil Nabil Saad, senior in biochemistry and Germanic languages and literatures with a minor in African and African-American studies, son of Nabil and Linda Saad; Wichita High School East; "Stories Leaving Home: Interviews with Young Lebanese in Beirut Examining Social, Political, Economic and Cultural Reasons for Immigration Abroad"; Naima Omar, assistant professor of African and African-American studies.
Viet Minh Hoang Vo, junior in biology and Spanish, daughter of Quy Thi Vu; Wichita High School East; "Diversification of S-Heterocyclic Scaffolds"; Paul Hanson, associate professor of chemistry.

From Tecumseh
Jessica D. Cook, senior in African and African-American studies and sociology with a minor in economics, daughter of Joseph and Susan Cook; Shawnee Heights High School; "The Employment Status of Women Workers in the United States and Egypt"; Ann Schofield, professor of American studies and women's studies.

From Topeka
Benjamin E. Bammes, senior in computer engineering and physics, son of Eugene and Ruth Bammes; Washburn Rural High School; "Modeling Polymer Folding in a Poor Solvent"; Jeff Olafsen, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.
Kathleen Kelly Daughety, senior in history, political science and women's studies, daughter of Ted and Laura Kelly Daughety; Topeka High School; "Lipstick, Stilettos, and Handbags: A Study of 'Sex and the City' and the Accessorizing of the Third Wave"; Ann Schofield, professor of American studies and women's studies.
Ariane Elizabeth Rhone, senior in linguistics and speech-language-hearing, daughter of Greg and Nancy Rhone; Topeka West High School; "Exploring the Modified Locus Equation as a Perpetually Relevant Metric for English-Voiced Stop Place Categorization"; Allard Jongman, professor of linguistics.

From Fredonia
Jordan Blake Johnson, junior in biology, son of Ronald Cleverley; Fredonia High School; "Effects of Time and Plot Size on Biodiversity of Wandering Spiders in a Fragmented Landscape"; Deborah Smith, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.

From Palo Alto
Jiumei Jiancuo, junior in anthropology and linguistics; "Tibetan Folktale Documentation Project"; Keith McMahon, professor and chair of East Asian languages and cultures.

From San Francisco
Lisa Guan, junior in chemistry, daughter of Zongyue Guan; Independence, Kan., Senior High School; "Homoallylic Amines"; Helena Malinakova, assistant professor of chemistry.

From Fort Collins
James Thomas Dietrich, senior in geography, son of David and Mary Dietrich; Rocky Mountain High School; "Assessment of Outer Banks Beach Nourishment Project"; Curtis Sorenson, associate professor of geography.

From Orlando
Rachael Jean Glynn, junior in cognitive psychology, daughter of Richard Glynn; Silverado High School, Victorville, Calif.; "Verbal and Nonverbal Measures of Creativity"; Ruth Ann Atchley, associate professor of psychology.

From Winter Park
Sean R. Smith, junior in art, son of Cheryl Smith, Winter Park High School; "Behind the Art"; Jon Swindell, professor of design.

From Elgin
Joseph N. Nickels, junior in history and philosophy, son of Joseph and Katherine Nickels; St. Edward Catholic High School; "The Morality and Jurisprudence of Justice Clarence Thomas"; Ben Eggleston, assistant professor of philosophy.

From Troy
Zachary A. Mercer, senior in chemical engineering, son of Orville and Jane Mercer; Metro East Lutheran High School, Edwardsville, Ill.; "Minimum Spanning Tree Problems for Metabolic Network Analysis"; Kyle Camarda, associate professor of chemical engineering.

From Sioux City
Sarah E. Dees, junior in English and religious studies, daughter of Daniel and Debra Dees; North High School; "Pieces of the Countryside: Reflections on Place"; Mary Klayder, university honors lecturer in English.

From St. Louis
Erica Ann Fishel, sophomore in biology, daughter of Norman and Grace Fishel; Ladue Horton Watkins High School; "Phylogeography of the Plant 'Carex blanda' in Eastern Kansas"; Helen Alexander, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.

From Wildwood
Kimberly Rae Kissing, senior in geology, daughter of Mike and Pat Kissing; Visitation Academy, St. Louis, Mo.; "Boron Isotope Ratios: Linking Groundwater Chemistry to Landscape Evolution of Natural Prairie Environments"; Gwen Macpherson, associate professor of geology.

From Lincoln
Andrew James Olive, sophomore in microbiology, son of Mike and Sandy Olive; Lincoln Southeast High School; "Determination of the Molecular Basis for IpaD's Ability to Control Ipa Protein Secretion and Delivery to Host Cells in 'Shigella flexneri'"; William Picking, associate professor of molecular biosciences.

From Omaha
Dana Craig Maher, senior in physics, son of Susan N. Maher; Omaha Central High School; "Attenuation and Dispersion in a 1D Stress Chain"; Jeff Olafsen, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

From Stillwater
Alice Jean Walkiewicz, junior in English and history of art, daughter of Edward and Sally Walkiewicz; Stillwater High School; "Constructing the Shop Girl"; Marni Kessler, assistant professor of history of art.

From North Augusta
William Thomas Bobo, junior in theatre and film and art, son of Bill and Peggy Bobo; North Augusta High School; "Town History"; So Yeon Park, assistant professor of art.

From Sioux Falls
Smith Ann Meile Rasmussen, senior in biology, daughter of Jacqueline M. Rasmussen; Lincoln High School; J. Michael Young Undergraduate Research Award recipient; "Investigation of the Role of the Intracellular Domain of the Kirre Protein in Muscle Formation in 'Dosophila melanogaster'"; Vicki Corbin, associate professor of molecular biosciences.

From Houston
Jariat Omolabake Oyetunji, doctoral student in pharmacy, daughter of Mujidat Oyetunji; J. Michael Young Undergraduate Research Award recipient; "'Taxol Analogs to Evade P-Glycoprotein Interactions"; Gunda I. Georg; university distinguished professor of medicinal chemistry.

From Alsancak-Izmir
Timucin Kip, sophomore in mechanical engineering, son of Temel Kip; "The Unexplained Effect of Vibration"; Sara Wilson, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.


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