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Feb. 7, 2006
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Reno County

P/G CityStudentName-FMLAwardProgram(School)Std Level1SexParent/Grdn NameHS CityHS State
BuhlerHenry Warren Epp2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorMaleDonald and Annette EppBuhlerKS
BuhlerIsaac David Hodges2005 Fall Honor RollEducation UndergraduateSeniorMaleDavid and Julie HodgesBuhlerKS
BuhlerAaron Jacob Wiens2005 Fall Honor RollAllied Health UndergraduateSeniorMaleAllen and Carol WiensBuhlerKS
HavenJoseph Dean Fahrbach2005 Fall Honor RollBusiness UndergraduateJuniorMaleMichael FahrbachHavenKS
HavenMegan M Guhl2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorFemaleBill and Kathy GuhlHavenKS
HavenChristopher Michael Hatcher2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorMaleMichelle ScofieldHavenKS
HutchinsonShawn T Atkinson2005 Fall Honor RollEducation UndergraduateSeniorMaleEdwin and Melanie AtkinsonHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonBrady Ray Blevins2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreMaleCurt and Cindy BlevinsHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonAshley E Bloom2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorFemaleJames and Susan BloomBuhlerKS
HutchinsonClinton Jacob Boor2005 Fall Honor RollPharmacy ProfessionalProf 1MaleClinton Jacob BoorHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonKaleigh Nicole Braun2005 Fall Honor RollEngineering UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleSteve and Debbie BraunHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonKaleigh Nicole Braun2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleSteve and Debbie BraunHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonMichael Dean Bretches2005 Fall Honor RollBusiness UndergraduateJuniorMaleRon BretchesHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonMeaghan Jeanne Briscoe2005 Fall Honor RollFine Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleLes and Joni RichardsonBuhlerKS
HutchinsonMeaghan Jeanne Briscoe2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleLes and Joni RichardsonBuhlerKS
HutchinsonSamuel Warren Adam Brown2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorMaleSamuel and Kerri BrownHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonJoshua R. Carmichael2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorMaleRhonda CarmichaelHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonKristin Kay Conklin2005 Fall Honor RollBusiness UndergraduateJuniorFemaleStuart and Sharon ConklinHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonMary Kathryn Conklin2005 Fall Honor RollFine Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleScott and Kathy ConklinHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonSarah Elizabeth Conklin2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleScott and Kathy ConklinHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonShawn Christopher Davis2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreMaleRobert and Marylyn DavisBuhlerKS
HutchinsonTyler James Davis2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorMaleCraig and Donna DavisHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonSierra Danielle Decker2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanFemaleTim and Brenda DeckerHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonKelsey Lane Ediger2005 Fall Honor RollAllied Health UndergraduateSeniorFemaleDennis and Jean EdigerBuhlerKS
HutchinsonCasey William Ensz2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorMale-BuhlerKS
HutchinsonKyla Jean Friend2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanFemaleKaren FriendHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonLaci Manette Gerhart2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleBruce and Denise GerhartHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonCasey Lin Henderson2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanFemaleDavid and Patricia HendersonBuhlerKS
HutchinsonMichael Loren Holland2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanMaleMark and Gay HollandHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonMiranda Lea Isaac2005 Fall Honor RollNursing UndergraduateSeniorFemaleMelissa DuPreeHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonAshley Marie Janzen2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanFemaleVerlin and Mary Lou JanzenBuhlerKS
HutchinsonRachel Joan Kraushaar2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleHoward and Elizabeth KraushaarHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonSamuel Aaron Lamb2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanMaleVal and Denette LambHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonAngela Joy Land2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorFemaleGlenn and Karen MillerHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonAbby Elizabeth Lee2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorFemaleCharles and Diane LeeHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonStephanie Renee Little2005 Fall Honor RollEducation UndergraduateSeniorFemale-HutchinsonKS
HutchinsonMallory Anne Loudenback2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleChad and Kelly LoudenbackBuhlerKS
HutchinsonAmanda Catherine Mai2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorFemaleLoren D MaiSalinaKS
HutchinsonAndrew Nathan Marsh2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorMalePiper EvansHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonKatie Margene McDonald2005 Fall Honor RollEducation UndergraduateJuniorFemaleSharan McDonaldHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonCarrie E Mendoza2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanFemaleMichael and Peggy MendozaHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonNathan Lee Mendoza2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorMaleMichael F and Peggy L MendozaHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonLucas Jordan Monaldo2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreMaleMartha SmithHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonStephanie A. Mott2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleRoger and Trice MottBuhlerKS
HutchinsonNicholas P Myers2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorMaleTrish Rose and Randy MyersHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonMeagan Lea Pfannenstiel2005 Fall Honor RollBusiness UndergraduateSeniorFemaleDavid and Jennifer PfannestielBuhlerKS
HutchinsonKatie Melissa Rages2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleDan and Janice RagesBuhlerKS
HutchinsonAmy Leann Schaller2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleJanet DickBuhlerKS
HutchinsonBrynn Ashley Scheel2005 Fall Honor RollJournalism UndergraduateSeniorFemaleRon and Kay ScheelBuhlerKS
HutchinsonBrynn Ashley Scheel2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleRon and Kay ScheelBuhlerKS
HutchinsonLayne Elizabeth Schnider2005 Fall Honor RollAllied Health UndergraduateSeniorFemaleMike and Kate SchniderHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonPreston Michael Schraeder2005 Fall Honor RollEngineering UndergraduateFreshmanMaleRobert and Tabetha SchraederBuhlerKS
HutchinsonSarah Elizabeth Schroeppel2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorFemaleJohn and Anne SchroeppelHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonCatherine Marie Shafer2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleLawrence and Chris ShaferNickersonKS
HutchinsonJessica Marie Shannon2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateFreshmanFemaleKatherine MooreHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonSara Renee Sidebottom2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleCarl and Jean SidebottomBuhlerKS
HutchinsonSara Renee Sidebottom2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleJean SidebottomBuhlerKS
HutchinsonSarah Grace Waltz2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreFemaleMartha WaltzHutchinsonKS
HutchinsonNathan Anthony Wiehl2005 Fall Honor RollPharmacy ProfessionalProf 1MaleDwight and Gaylene WiehlBuhlerKS
HutchinsonWilliam Eric Wyer2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSophomoreMaleBill and Roxie WyerHutchinsonKS
PartridgeAndrew J French2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorMaleLisa and Jim FrenchHavenKS
Pretty PrairieLindsay Leigh Coombs2005 Fall Honor RollPharmacy ProfessionalProf 1FemaleRobert and Janice KrehbielPretty PrairieKS
Pretty PrairieAngela Noel Hedrick2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateSeniorFemaleMichael and Connie HedrickPretty PrairieKS
S HutchinsonAmanda Rochelle Crabbs2005 Fall Honor RollLiberal Arts UndergraduateJuniorFemaleJoseph and Rebecca CrabbsNickersonKS


The University of Kansas is a major comprehensive research and teaching university. University Relations is the central public relations office for KU's Lawrence campus. | (785) 864-3256 | 1314 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS 66045