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July 24, 2006
Contact: Mark Nesbitt-Daly, University Honors Program, (785) 864-4225.

45 KU undergraduates win research awards for summer projects

LAWRENCE — Forty-five undergraduate students at the University of Kansas are working on research projects this summer funded with grants of about $1,000 from the University Honors Program.

The research ranges from exploring cultural identity to studying light from neutrons to an examination of child welfare in Uganda. This year’s recipients include eight students who conducted research in China.

Five of the 45 students received J. Michael Young Awards, which provide $1,500 for their research. Those recipients, all seniors, are Morgan Butrick, Lenexa; Jennifer Guerra, Salina; Anne McEnroe, Lawrence; Gianna Short, Edmond, Okla.; and Meggi A. Sweeney, Carrollton, Mo.

“The Undergraduate Research Award competition is a testimony to KU’s longstanding commitment to supporting honors and especially undergraduates,” said Mark Nesbitt-Daly, associate director of the honors program and co-chair of the University Honors Council Research Committee. The awards program will celebrate its 50th year in the 2006-07 academic year.

The awards support original, independent research by undergraduates from the Lawrence campus and are provided by special funds made available by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the chancellor’s office, the provost’s office and KU’s General Research Fund.

Selection criteria included the student’s academic record, ability to complete the proposed research project, the project’s potential contribution to knowledge and the educational value of the research to the student. Applicants also provided recommendations from faculty familiar with the work and proposals.

The honors program provides enriched educational opportunities to KU’s most academically talented, motivated and promising students through honors courses, programs and tutorials. Stanley Lombardo, professor of classics, directs the program.

Students receiving awards are listed below by hometown, major and level in school, parents’ names and high schools (when available), research project title and faculty adviser.

From Pittsburg
Nolan T. Jones, senior in theater and film, son of Brian and Patricia Jones; St Mary’s- Colgan High School; “Zook Mayhem and the Bandits”; Michael Baskett, assistant professor of theater and film.

From Wakefield
Cayla Jo Witty, senior in art history, daughter of Ben and Janita Witty; Wakefield High School; “Bringing out the Brilliance of the Spencer Museum of Art’s British Lusterware Collection”; David Cateforis, associate professor of art history.

From Lawrence
Sergey Alexeyevich Dremin, senior in computer engineering, son of Victor and Elena Dremin; Lawrence High School; “International Similarities in Technological, Academic, Cultural, Economic, and Legal Variables in the Development of Hacing and Other Internet Security Breach Related Crime”; John Gauch, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

Grace Anne Hoyt, senior in social work, daughter of John and Jane Hoyt; Lawrence Free State High School; “Orphanage Case Study and the Evaluation of the Welfare of the Children in Uganda”; Marianne Berry, professor of social welfare.

Anne Isabel McEnroe, senior in journalism, classical languages and English, daughter of Bruce and Michelle McEnroe; Lawrence Free State High School; “Classical Education and the Christian Conscience: The Problem of Self-Identity in St. Augustine and St. Jerome”; Stanley Lombardo, professor of classics and honors program director.

Lucas Todd Thompson, senior in American studies, English and history, son of Todd and Caprice Thompson; Lawrence Free State High School; “For God and Ulster: Neo-Facism, Semiotics, and Aesthetics in Northern Ireland’s Loyalist Murals”; Kathryn Conrad, associate professor of English.

From Garden City
Honey Rose Hooper, senior in anthropology, daughter of Michael Hooper; Garden Plain High School; “Organization and Relation of Research from Easter Island, Chile”; John Hoopes, associate professor of anthropology.

From Leawood (ZIP 66209)
Daniel Patrick Hogan, senior in mathematics and physics, son of Patrick and Jane Hogan; Blue Valley North High School, Overland Park; “Constraining Relativistic Magnetic Monopole Flux with a High-Energy Neutrino Detector”; Dave Beeson, professor of physics and astronomy.

From Lenexa (ZIP 66216)
Morgan Nicole Butrick, senior in biology, daughter of Kathy Madison and Chip Butrick; Shawnee Mission Northwest High School; “Neuronal Migration and Axon Pathfinding in E. Elegans”; Erik Lundquist, assistant professor of molecular biology.

From Olathe (ZIP 66062)
Samantha Ann Bennett, senior in design, daughter of Stevan and Terri Bennett; Olathe South High School; “Confronting Cancer Through the Art of Textiles”; Mary Anne Jordan, associate professor of design.

Anna Michelle Bruursema, senior in design, daughter of Rich and Sheila Bruursema; project untitled; Pok Chi Lau, professor of design.

Lauren Nicole Daly, senior in design, daughter of Jeffrey Daly; Olathe South High School; “Leisure Activities of Chinese Children”; Richard Branham, professor of design.

From Overland Park (ZIP 66210)
Lindsey Leeann Lang, senior in design, daughter of Don and Susan Lang; “Contemporary Design for Textiles”; Mary Anne Jordan, associate professor of design.

From Overland Park (ZIP 66207)
Michelle Rae Lenihan, bachelor’s degree in art education in spring 2006, will be a master’s degree student in art education in fall 2006, daughter of Eileen Lenihan; Shawnee Mission South High School; “Art Education in China: Looking at Instructional Methods”; Elizabeth Kowalchuk, associate professor of design.

From Overland Park (ZIP 66215)
Stephanie Nicole Smith, junior in human biology and psychology, daughter of Mark and Pam Smith; Shawnee Mission South High School; “Interactions of Three Proteins, KIRRE, ANTS and LONER, in the Muscle Fusion of Drosophila”; Victoria Corbin, associate professor of biological sciences.

From Overland Park (ZIP 66223)
Katherine Lee Chung McCue, senior in journalism (strategic communications emphasis), English and environmental studies, daughter of Chae McCue; Blue Valley High School; “The Harmony and Discord of Being Biracial: Unearthing my Roots Through an Analysis of Asian-American Literature”; Thomas Lorenz, associate chair of English department.

From Prairie Village (ZIP 66207)
Brandon Harry Hidaka, junior in biochemistry, son of Paul and Roxanne Hidaka; Shawnee Mission East High School; “Capture-ROMP-Diversify-Culprate Release to Libraries of Novel S-Sugars”; Paul Hanson, associate professor of chemistry.

Brennan R. Metzler, senior in mathematics and physics, son of Rob and Marcia Metzler; Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, Mo.; “Front-End Electronics for a Zero Degree Calorimeter”; Michael Murray, associate professor of physics and astronomy.

From Prairie Village (ZIP 66208)
Blair Nicole Wendlandt, senior in biology, daughter of Bruce and Julie Wendlandt; Shawnee Mission East High School; “Phylogenetic Analysis of the Monanthes Genus of the Family Crassulaceae”; Mark Mort, assistant professor/assistant curator in biological sciences.

Andrew Lake Wooten, senior in aerospace engineering and engineering physics, son of Kent and Nanette Wooten; Shawnee Mission East High School; “Monte Carlo Simulation of Protein Translocation Along Single-Stranded DNA”; Christopher Fischer, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

From Shawnee (ZIP 67484)
Marsha Kathrina “Kit” Leffler, senior in journalism (news and information emphasis) and art, daughter of Marshall and Linda Leffler; Mill Valley High School; “Expanded Media: Short Video Works in Collaboration with Rebecca Evanhoe (KU senior)”; Luke Jordan, lecturer in design.

From Independence
Teresa Lo, senior in English and history, daughter of Jih Charng and Ruey Ling Lo; Field Kindley Memorial High School, Coffeyville; “Integrating Cultural Identities: A Chinese American Visits China”; Pok-Chi Lau, professor of design.

From Tescott
Rachel J. Larson, senior in art, daughter of Dean and Valerie Larsen; Tescott High School; “The Six: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue”; Cima Katz, professor of art.

From Leonardville
Thomas Ryan O’Leary, senior in biology, son of Terri and Michael O’Leary; Manhattan High School; “The Evolutionary Biology of Aichryson Inferred from Phylogenetics, Biogeography and Population Genetics”; Mark Mort, assistant professor/assistant curator in biological sciences.

From Salina
Jennifer Marie Guerra, senior in chemistry, daughter of Robert and Deann Guerra; Salina High School South; “Facilitated Protocols for Library Generation of Novel-S Heterocycles”; Paul Hanson, associate professor of chemistry.

From Clearwater (ZIP 67026)
Jessica G. Snyder, senior in astronomy, engineering and physics, daughter of Mike Snyder; Clearwater High School; “Light From Neutrons”; Michael Murray, assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

From Wichita (ZIP 67206)
Kathryn M. Zickuhr, senior in history and Slavic languages and literatures, daughter of Thomas and Brenda Zickuhr; Wichita High School East; “Communists in the Classroom: The Importance of Public School to Grassroots Conservatives and the Rise of the New Right”; Ann Schofield, professor of American studies.

From Wichita (ZIP 67212)
Kahlil Nabil Saad, senior in biochemistry and Germanic languages and literatures, son of Nabil and Linda Saad; Wichita High School East; “An Investigation of Methods and Theory of Modern Criticism of Colonial Works and Representations in German and Arabic Literature of the 19th Century”; Rex Clark, lecturer in Germanic languages and literatures.

From Wichita (ZIP 67226)
Garth Eric Kimbrell, senior in English and philosophy, son of Thomas and Doris Kimbrell; Wichita High School East; “The Reader and the Wasteland”; Kathryn Conrad, associate professor of English.

From Topeka
Eric Franklin Avery, senior in theater and film, son of Mary Avery; Highland Park High School; “The Life, Times, and Rhymes of Langston Hughes: A Docuplay”; Henry Bial, assistant professor of theater and film.

From Evergreen (ZIP 80439)
Kyle Young, senior in biochemistry, son of Marylin Waldman; General Education Diploma; “ROMP-Facilitate Production of New Macrocyclic Sulfonamides Libraries”; Paul Hanson, associate professor of chemistry.

From North Grosvenordale (ZIP 06255)
Paul David Szpyrka, junior in music composition, son of Lena Ladyka; Tourtellotte Memorial High School; “A Candle Burns”; Edith Clowes, professor of Slavic languages and literatures.

From Lansing
Randall Shane Stryjewski, junior in pharmacy, son of Sandra Stryjewski; Thornton Fractional South High School; “Synthetic Efforts Towards the Totally Synthesis of Fostriecin, A Potent and Selective Protein Phosphatase Inhibitor”; Paul Hanson, associate professor of chemistry.

From Carrollton
Meggi A. Sweeney, senior in fine arts, daughter of Robert and Christine Sweeney; Carrollton High School; “The Dancing Chorus of Greek Tragedy”; Joan Stone, lecturer in dance history.

From Noel
Ryan Lee Carroll, junior in East Asian languages and cultures and theater and film, son of James and Patti Carroll; McDonald County R-I Senior High School, Anderson; “Photography China”; Pok-Chi Lau, professor of design.

From Rolla
Jane Grace Adams, senior in design, daughter of Craig and Susan Adams; Rolla Senior High School; “Understanding Drinking Water Issues in Contemporary China”; Pok-Chi Lau, professor of design.

From Edmond (ZIP 73013)
Gianna Ida Short, junior in environmental studies, daughter of Robert and Jeanne Short; Edmond Memorial High School; “Fruits of Labor: The Proto-Wichita and Native Fruits”; Mary Adair, interim director/associate curator, Anthropological Research and Cultural Collections.

From Brentwood
Gregory Ernest Hill, junior in history and Latin American studies, son of Elmer and Anna Hill; Brentwood High School; “ ‘A World to Win:’ The Transmigration of Revolutionary Ideology and the Internationalist Perspective of Sendero Luminoso”; Anton Rosenthal, associate professor of history.

From Euless
Kenneth C. Simmons, senior in architecture, son of Lloyd and Marilyn Simmons; Trinity High School; “Design: Borrowing from the West: Influences on Chinese Architecture”; Pok-Chi Lau, professor of design.

From Wichita Falls
Kenneth Ryan Jones, junior in theater and film, son of Marshall and Cathy Jones; Wichita High School Southeast; “Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church Video Documentary”; Kevin Willmott, assistant professor of theatre and film.

From Shenzhen, Guangdong
Yujie Li, senior in biology and mathematics, daughter of Zhou and Zhuo Cheng Li; “Identifying Binding Partners of a Novel Conserved Gene Involved in Exocytosis”; Edina Harsay, assistant professor of molecular biosciences.

From Shatin, New Territories
Meiting Chan, senior in design, daughter of Shut Wing and Po Chun Hui Chan; Orestimba High School, Newman, Calif.; “Photography & Culture in China”; Pok-Chi Lau, professor of design.

Melin Lam Wong, senior in business administration, daughter of Yuk Mei Wong; “Exploiting Divalent Activation in Monocyclic Phosphates”; Paul Hanson, associate professor of chemistry.


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