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June 27 , 2008
Contact: Mark Nesbitt-Daly, University Honors Program, (785) 864-4225.

KU announces Fall 2008 Undergraduate Research Award winners

LAWRENCE —Thirty-five University of Kansas students have received Undergraduate Research Awards for summer and fall 2008 semesters.

The awards support original, independent research by undergraduates enrolled on the Lawrence campus. The University Honors Program administers the awards with funds from the offices of the provost and the vice provost for research and graduate studies and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Selection criteria included the quality of the proposal, the student’s academic record and ability to complete the proposed research project, the project’s potential contribution to knowledge and the educational value of the research to the student. Students applied either for grants of up to $3,000 or up to $1,000, depending on the anticipated costs to conduct their research.

Students receiving awards are listed below by hometown, level in school, major, parents’ names (when available), previous school attended, research project titles and faculty advisers.

From Garnett 66032
Richard Z. Robinson, sophomore, in engineering physics, son of Richard and Jerry Robinson; Anderson County High School, Garnett; “Aperiodic Tilings in Higher Dimensions”; Estela Gavosto, associate professor and associate chair of mathematics.

From Andover 67002
Tyler Patrick Conrad, sophomore in architectural engineering, son of Alan and Laurie Conrad; Andover Central High School; “Optimization of Dectoctor Using Extensive Air Shower Simulations”; Dave Besson, professor of physics and astronomy.

Jonathan E. Hill, sophomore in mechanical engineering, son of Lary and Diane Hill; Andover Central High School; “Robust Micro Wind Turbine Generator for Remote and Austere Locations”; Dave Besson, professor of physics and astronomy.

From Lawrence 66044
Alexander J. Krejci, senior in geology and in physics and astronomy, son of Jerry and Kelly Krejci; Olathe Northwest High School; “Proton Beam Calibration and LED Calibration System at CERN Particle Collider in Geneva, Switzerland”; Michael Murray, associate professor in physics and astronomy.

From Lawrence 66046
Jeremy Michael Trombley, junior in anthropology, son of Thomas and Janet Trombley; Lawrence High School; “Coal and Controversy in Western Kansas”; Jane Gibson, associate professor of anthropology

From Newton 67114
Myles T. Davidson, junior in biology, son of Ann and Terry Davidson; Newton High School; “New Synthesis Methods to Novel Sultam Scaffolds: Ring-Closing Cascade Reactions”; Paul R. Hanson, professor of chemistry.

Kendra Joy Hwa Davis, senior in African and African-American studies and in French, daughter of Mike and Linda Davis; Newton High School; “Masculizing Feminine Fiyda: Redefining the Role of Senegalese Men and Masculinity in an Evolving Modern Society”; Beverly Mack, professor of African and African-American studies.

From Circleville 66416
RaeAnn E Anderson, senior in psychology and in religious studies, daughter of David and Sara Anderson; Jackson Heights High School in Holton; “Differential Psychiatric Symptomatology in Dementia”; David K. Johnson, assistant professor of psychology.

From Lenexa 66216
Benjamin Elliott Alexander, senior in environmental studies and in Spanish, son of Phil and Cindy Alexander; Shawnee Mission Northwest High School; “Agricultural Techniques and Soil Fertility Management in Paraguay”; William Woods, professor of geography and director of the environmental studies program.

From Olathe 66061
Chelsea Caitlin Brown, freshman preparing to major in education, daughter of Gregory and Kathleen Brown; Olathe North High School; “Prince Charming and He-Man: Masculinity Under the Sociological Microscope”; Joey Sprague professor of sociology.

Ryan E. Keast, junior in mathematics and in philosophy, son of Mark and Sandra Keast; Olathe Northwest High School; “Verdet Constants of Ice for Radiowaves”; David Z. Besson, professor of physics and astronomy.

From Overland Park 66202
Osman Moalin Nur, senior in architecture, son of Hawa Sheikh; Shawnee Mission North High School; “Indigenous Australian Architecture and the Modern Sustainable Buildings of Australia”; Bill Carswell, associate professor of architecture and urban planning.

From Overland Park 66210
Thomas Steele Reynolds, sophomore in chemical engineering, son of Terri Reynolds; Olathe East High School; “Predicting Protein Aggregation Through Correlation with Structural Parameters”; Kyle Camarda, associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering.

From Cunningham 67035
Derek Michael Setter, junior in biology, son of Christopher Setter; Cunningham High School; “Genetic Mapping of C. elegans Gene Exc-2”; Matthew Buechner, associate professor of molecular biosciences.

From Coffeyville 67337
Rebecca Lo, junior in biology, daughter of Victor and Susan Lo; Field Kindley Memorial High School, Coffeyville; “The Pursuit of Beauty: The Rise of Eyelid Plastic Surgery Among Asian Americans”; Kelley Massoni, lecturer in sociology.

From St. George 66535
Mark L Stockham, senior in astronomy and physics, son of Steven and Marcia Stockham; Manhattan High School; “Analysis and Classification of Background Sources in the Radio Ice Cherenkov Experiment (RICE)”; Dave Besson, professor of physics and astronomy.

From Manhattan 66503
Alan J. Schurle, junior in liberal arts and sciences, son of Bryan and Brenda Schurle; Manhattan High School; “Dewetting: Methods for Controlling the Phenomenon in Langmuir-Blodgett Films”; Robert Dunn, professor of chemistry.

Katherine Eileen Wetzel, junior in language arts education, daughter of Mark and Rita Wetzel; Manhattan High School; “Women and the Recording of Literary History”; Mary Klayder, University Honors Lecturer in English.

From Hutchinson 67501
Casey Evan Gee, sophomore in chemistry, son of Rick and Ann Gee; Buhler High School; “Purification and Characterization of Bacterioferritin B from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa”; Mario Rivera, professor of chemistry.

From Russell 67665
Miles L Detrixhe, sophomore in mechanical engineering, son of Gene and Mary Detrixhe; ,Russell High School; “Radio Emission Coincident Analysis”; Dave Besson, professor of physics and astronomy.

From Salina 67401
Steven James Groene, senior in biology and in the humanities, son of Greg and Anna Groene; Salina High School South; “The Questionable Vente of Creolite in French Guiana”; Samira Sayeh, assistant professor of French and Italian.

From Clearwater 67026
Jessica G. Snyder, senior in engineering and in physics and astronomy, daughter of Mike Snyder; Clearwater High School; “Design, Development and Calibration of Radio Frequency Antennas in Tunka Valley, Russia”; Dave Besson, professor of physics and astronomy.

From Wichita 67212
Sarah Fettke, junior in English, daughter of Robert and Angelia Fettke; Wichita High School Northwest; “Mental Disability in Literature: How Authors Give a Voice to the Voiceless”; Marta Caminero-Santangelo, associate professor of English.

From Topeka 66605
Nicholas Edward Tobaben, senior in mathematics and mechanical engineering, son of Jim and Anita Tobaben; Shawnee Heights Senior High School in Tecumseh; “Investigating Polytopes and Solid Angles”; Jeremy Martin, assistant professor of mathematics.

From Topeka 66605 and 66610
Jamie Lyn Wenke, sophomore in chemistry, daughter of Corwyn Wenke and Sonya Purling; Washburn Rural High School in Topeka; “Recombinant Growth Hormone: The Effects of Forced Glycosylation & Endoglycosidase H on the Protein's Stability & Function”; Heather Desaire, associate professor of chemistry.

From Wakarusa 66546
Rebecca Kate Reed, senior in speech-language-hearing, daughter of Myron and Carol Reed; Shawnee Heights Senior High School in Tecumseh; “Influence of Visual Speech on the Perception of Foreign Accented Speech”; Edward Auer Jr, assistant professor of speech-language-hearing.

From Barrington 60010
Alison Marie Lampier, senior in architecture, daughter of Paul and Holly Lampier; Barrington Community High School; “A City Without the Loud? Acoustic Properties of Urban Materials”; Bill Carswell, associate professor of architecture and urban planning.

From Bartlett 60103
Paige M. Blair, senior in American Studies and in English, daughter of Linda Blair; Bartlett High School; “Femcees' Re[Deem] Re[Define] 21st Century Feminism”; Sherrie Tucker, associate professor of American studies.

From Abita Springs 70420
Rebecca Lynn Totten, senior in geology, daughter of Matthew Totten; Fontainebleau High School in Mandeville; “The Life of a Mosasaur: Using Stable Isotopes to Study Lifestyles of Ancient Swimming Reptiles”; Luis Gonzalez, associate professor of geology.

From Plymouth 55446
Heidi JoAnn LeSage, sophomore in chemistry, daughter of Michael LeSage and Kim Nesbitt; Wayzata High School, Plymouth; “Measuring the Brightness of the Large Hadron Collider”; Michael Murray, associate professor of physics and astronomy.

From Smithville 64089
Tyler Mark Cawley, sophomore in physics and astronomy, son of Brenda and Mark Cawley; Smithville R-II High School; “IceCube”; Dave Besson, professor of physics and astronomy,

From Lincoln 68512
Samantha E. McLeese, sophomore in chemical engineering, daughter of Jody and Doug McLeese; Lincoln Southeast High School; “Ionic Liquid Property Correlation for Alternative Heating and Cooling Systems”; Kyle Camarda, associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering.

From La Paz
Raul Velasco Ramos, sophomore in petroleum engineering, son of Raul Velasco Ramos and Ela Vania Guachalla Rivero; Instituto Americano (high school) of La Paz; “Antenna Simulation and Optimization”; Dave Besson, professor of physics and astronomy.

From Nairobi
Hetal G. Shah, junior in biochemistry, daughter of Girishkumar Pravinbhai and Harsha G. Shah; Visa Oshwai Secondary School in Nairobi; “Multi-functional Scaffolds: An Approach to Sultam Library Development”; Paul R. Hanson, professor of chemistry.

From Skopje
Sandra Ristovska, junior in theatre and film, daughter of Trajce and Snezana Ristovska; Nova International School/Orce Nikolav Gymnasia; “Kaleidoscope” (an ethnographic film and a book): Catherine Preston, associate professor of theatre and film.


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