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April 22, 2010
Contact: Mark Daly, University Honors Program, (785) 864-4225

More than 100 undergraduates to present research at April 24 symposium

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LAWRENCE — More than 100 undergraduates from the University of Kansas will present research on topics ranging from community gardening to plant succession on abandoned agricultural land to dark matter distribution in galaxy clusters to ringneck snakes in Kansas at the 13th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium starting at noon Saturday, April 24, in the Kansas Union.

The symposium is organized and sponsored by the University Honors Program and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies. Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little will welcome the participants and guests to the symposium.

A banquet in the Kansas Union will follow the symposium. David Frayer, professor of anthropology, will give the keynote address “Determining language from teeth: The Neanderthal evidence.”

Gift certificates to the KU Bookstores will be given for the most outstanding student presentations.

The student researchers are listed below by hometown, level in school, major(s), parents’ names, high school, title of project; and research adviser.

From Iola 66749
Alexander John Porter, junior in engineering physics; son of Frank and Robyn Porter; Iola Senior High School; O2O Project (Online to Offline); Alice Bean, professor.

From Andover 67002
Lisa Shau Mei Le, senior in microbiology; daughter of Hoanh and Julie Le; Andover High School; Click, Cyclize, Click: An SNAr based DOS Strategy to Diverse Benzofused Sultam Libraries; Paul Hanson, professor.

William Scott Hammers, junior in music and biochemistry; son of Mary Hammers; Andover Central High School; Sea Anemone Diversity Appears to Differ from that of Terrestrial Organisms; Daphne Fautin, professor/senior curator.

From Rose Hill 67133
Taylor Paul Warner Wilson, senior in chemical engineering; son of Janet Wilson; Rose Hill High School; Structure-Property Relationships for Computational Molecular Design of Microbicide Formulations; Kyle V. Camarda, associate professor, and Sarah L. Kieweg, assistant professor.

From Winfield 67156
Luke Anthony McCune, senior in psychology; son of Matt and Kimberly McCune; Winfield High School; A Categorical Analysis of the Relationship Between Protestantism and Evolutionary Understanding and Acceptance; Patricia Hawley, associate professor.

From Arma 66712
Bryce James Jones, junior in astronomy; son of Susan and Brian Jones; Riverton High School; Studying Possible Dark Matter Distribution via Galaxy Clusters; Greg Rudnick, assistant professor.

From Pittsburg 66762
Alexandria J. Murnan, senior in American studies and public administration; daughter of Robert and Monica Murnan; Pittsburg High School; Individual Rights of Noncitizens in the United States: An Examination of Undocumented Residents and Tertiary Education; Cheryl Lester, associate professor.

From Lawrence 66044
Alison E. King, senior in anthropology and biology; daughter of Lucille and Joseph King; Lawrence Free State High School; Nutrient Losses in Agriculture: the Role of Biochar and Fungal Associations; Sharon Billings, associate professor.

Andres Ramos, freshman in chemical engineering; son of Maria De Lou Olivares-Escobedo; Lawrence High School; Effects of Layering in Antarctic Ice on Radio Waves; Dave Besson, professor.

Jennifer Karen Hurst, senior in American studies; President Barack Obama's Speech in Cairo Egypt: the Rhetorical Dilemma of a Trijugate Audience; Dorthy Pennington, associate professor.

Joseph D. Rendall, senior in architectural engineering; son of Douglas and Susan Rendall; Almond-Bancroft (Wis.) High School; Net Zero Energy Home Design; Brian Rock, associate professor.

Juliet Inez Remmers, freshman in dance and music; daughter of Willard and Ruth Remmers; Lawrence Free State High School; Optimization of Radio Antennas for the Detection of Neutrino Interactions; Dave Besson, professor.

Robert Reifort Wiggin, senior in biochemistry; Shawnee Mission West High School; Crystallization of PchD; Audrey Lamb, assistant professor.

From Lawrence 66046
Joshua Adam Anderson, senior in English; Perry-Lecompton High School; The Applause of Being Savages: Survivance and the Rhetoric of De-centering in William Apess's Eulogy on King Philip; Laura Mielke, assistant professor.

Seth W. Mehl, senior in English; son of Judith Nelson; Lawrence High School; Text:Speech:Music:Meaning: Hazel Felman’s Orchestration of James Joyce’s “Anna Livia Plurabelle”; Kathryn Conrad, associate professor.

Shirani Prasadani Gonzales, senior in psychology; Morphological processing of compound and pseudocompound words; Greg B. Simpson, interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

From Lawrence 66047
Kevin Changhun Song, junior in chemical engineering; Lawrence Free State High School; Probing Lipid Membrane Properties using Orientation of Flourescent Lipid Analog BODIPY-PC: Simulation and Experimental Studies; Wonpil Im, assistant professor.

From Lawrence 66049
Adela Chaswill Timmons, senior in psychology; daughter of Charles and Paula Timmons; Lawrence Free State High School; two projects: The Role of Gender Bias in Depression, Reassurance-Seeking and Interpersonal Rejection; and Body Dissatisfaction, Thin-Ideal Internalization, Body Mass Index and the Media; Rick Ingram, professor.

Amanda Ashley Pierce, senior in biology; daughter of Kerry and Mary Lou Pierce; Lawrence Free State High School; Investigating multimodal signaling in the courtship behavior of Drosophila willistoni and its effect on mating success rate; Jennifer M. Gleason, assistant professor.

Lauren Michelle Koebernick, senior in speech-language-hearing; daughter of Dennis and Janella Baker; Lawrence Free State High School; Test-Retest Reliability of Stimulus-Frequency Otoacoustic Emissions; Tiffany Johnson, assistant professor.

Rodolfo Matias Torres, junior in chemistry; son of Estela Gavosto and Rodolfo Torres; Lawrence Free State High School; Formation and Patterning of Octadecyl Silane Monolayers on a Silicone Substrate via Atomic Force Microscopy; Cindy L. Berrie, associate professor.

Spencer Sassaman Lott, senior in theatre; son of Hunter and Nancy Lott; Lawrence Free State High School; “The House of Atreus” — adult puppet show; Dennis Christilles, associate professor.

From Hays 67601
Alexander T. Bittel, senior in biology; son of Rodney and Patricia Bittel; Hays High School; Factors Influencing Plant Production in the Early Establishment of Tallgrass Prairie Communities; Bryan Foster, associate professor.

Grant Alan Adams, senior in biology; son of Lynn and Ann Adams; Hays High School; Plant successional turnover on abandoned agricultural land: effects of nutrient availability and dispersal limitation; Bryan Foster, associate professor.

Megan Leigh Razak, senior in biology; Brian and Sarah Razak; Hays High School; Neuronal migration in Caenorhabditis elegans; Erik Lundquist, associate professor.

From Ellis 67637
Kelsy Danae Kinderknecht, senior in French and mathematics; daughter of Tim Kinderknecht; Ellis High School; Fourier Analysis and Wavelets; Rodolfo Torres, professor.

From Dodge City 67801
Marilyn Bland, senior in architectural studies; daughter of Carlos and Margaret De La Pena; Dodge City Senior High School; Sustainability within the Historic Vernacular Architecture of the American Southwest; Kapila Silva, assistant professor.

From Ottawa 66067
Clinton G. Wiseman, senior in physics; son of William and Kathleen Wiseman; Ottawa High School; Monte Carlo Methods in Cosmic-Ray Detection Experiments; Dave Besson, professor.

From Junction City 66441
Cole Angus Mutz, junior in human biology; son of Matthew Mutz; Republic County High School; Joined at the Hip: Siamese Twin Imidazoquinoline TLR-7 Agonists; Sunil David, assistant professor.

From Fairway 66205
Katherine Ann Lindboe, junior in psychology; daughter of Ann and Dan Lindboe; Bishop Miege High School; The role of maltreatment: how autobiographical memory narratives relate to psychological symptoms in adolescents with and without abuse histories;Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, associate professor.

From Leawood 66206
Claire Carter Ryan, senior in professional master of architecture program; daughter of Thomas and Cynthia Ryan; Shawnee Mission East High School; The Impact of Aesthetic Appeal on Voluntary Stair Usage in Office Buildings; Kent F. Spreckelmeyer, professor.

From Lenexa 66227
Brenna Kelly Barger, senior in microbiology; daughter of Diane and Dale Barger; Phylogeny, species boundaries, and hidden diversity in the Rana everetti complex of Philippine stream frogs; Rafe Brown, assistant professor, and David Blackburn, postdoctoral researcher.

From Mission Hills 66208
Henrietta McCormick, senior in history of art; daughter of David and Martha McCormick; Shawnee Mission East High School; Mamiwata as a Source for Bringing a Hybrid Art to Africa Centuries Before Postmodernism Developed in the Western World; Gitti Salami, assistant professor.

From Olathe 66061
Arash Sattarin; Involvement of Methylation in Transgenerational Transmission of Environmentally Induced Traits in Yellow Monkey Flowers; Alison Scoville, postdoctoral researcher, and John K. Kelly, associate professor.

Eddy Luis Tavio, senior in professional master of architecture program; son of Eddy and Alicia Tavio; Olathe Northwest High School; Extending the Influence of the Arts; Kapila Dharmasena Silva, assistant professor.

Patrick D. McGurk, senior in microbiology; son of Harold and Ellen McGurk; Saint Thomas Aquinas High School; Protein Kinase C interacts with the scaffolding protein RACK-1 to direct proper axon guidance; Erik Lundquist, associate professor.

From Olathe 66062
Awok Martha Majok, senior in human biology; daughter of Madalena Anei; Olathe South High School; Morphological processing of compound and pseudocompound words; Greg B. Simpson, interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Kayla Marie Nelson, senior in biology and human biology; daughter of Thomas and Lynell Nelson; Olathe South High School; The function of Ewing sarcoma EWS/FLI1 protein during mitosis; Mizuki Azuma, associate professor.

Lee M. Clemon, senior in mechanical engineering; son of Lonnie and Doloros Clemon; Olathe South High School; Data Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis of Precision 23 Sailboat; Shahriar Keshmiri, assistant professor.

Peter Robert Jabbour Jr., senior in molecular biosciences; Saint Thomas Aquinas High School; Characterization of Slp1; David Pendergrass, lecturer.

Sam Xiansong Li, senior in microbiology; son of Sui Chen and Hong Li; Olathe East High School; Transgenic study of muscle fusion protein in fruit flies; Victoria Corbin, associate professor.

Yvonne Nyakio Kamau, senior in biochemistry; daughter of Godfrey Kamau; Olathe North High School; Assembly of Gp1, Gp2 and Gp3 components of Bacteriophage SF6 Genome Packaging Machine; Liang Tang, assistant professor.

From Overland Park 66202
Elizabeth Marie Lusher, senior in biology; daughter of Penny and Anthony Mic Shepherd; Shawnee Mission North High School; Phylogeography of Ringneck Snakes across Kansas; Rafe Brown, assistant professor.

From Overland Park 66212
Nitzan Meltzer, senior in anthropology and English; son of Edna Meltzer; Shawnee Mission South High School; The World At Large: Amos Ozs Spatial Perspectives in A Tale of Love and Darkness; Cheryl Lester, associate professor.

Stefan Wayne Vogler, senior in sociology; son of Ramona Vogler; Shawnee Mission West High School; The Rise of Neo-liberal Masculinity: The Reemergence of Dominance-Based Gender Politics in Esquire Advertisements; Joey Sprague, professor.

From Overland Park 66213
Jeffrey A. Siler Jr., senior in English and philosophy; son of Jeffrey and Debra Siler; Blue Valley Northwest High School; The Philosophy of Romanticism; Ann Rowland, associate professor.

From Overland Park 66214
Alex B. Ilten, senior in professional master of architecture program; son of Joel and Teresa Ilten; Shawnee Mission South High School; Aquaponic Demonstration Station; Kapila Silva, assistant professor.

From Overland Park 66223
Benjamin Hall Smith, senior in molecular biosciences; son of Deborah and Michael Smith; Blue Valley High School; Varying Mixing Methods Affect on Antibiotic Impregnated Bone Cement Strength; Patrick Moodie, research associate.

Emma A. Frosini, senior in linguistics; daughter of Florian and Gabriella Rothbrust; Blue Valley High School; Auditory and Perceptual Training of Native English Learners of Italian; Allard Jongman, linguistics chair.

Jonathan Staples, senior in psychology and social work; son of Susan and Alan Staples; Blue Valley Northwest High School; Body Dissatisfaction, Thin-Ideal Internalization, Body Mass Index and the Media; Rick Ingram, professor.

From Prairie Village 66208
Marek Daniel Brzozowski, senior in biochemistry; son of Brian and Katherine Brzozowski; Shawnee Mission East High School; Efforts Towards the Design and Synthesis of Linear Sulfonamide Derivatives: Potential Inhibitors of Anthrax Protective Antigen; Paul Hanson, professor.

Mary Zinnanti Pisciotta, senior in psychology; daughter of Margaret and Robert Pisciotta; Shawnee Mission East High School; The Role of Gender Bias in Depression, Reassurance-Seeking and Interpersonal Rejection; Rick Ingram, professor.

Sara Michelle McElhaney, senior in cognitive psychology; daughter of Phillip and Janice McElhaney; Shawnee Mission East High School; Level of Bilingualism Effects on Performance During Switch Task in School-aged Children; John Colombo, director of the Bureau of Child Research.

From Shawnee 66216
Trisha Ann Manthei, senior in secondary education; daughter of Robert and Tammy Manthei; Shawnee Mission Northwest High School; Does prairie restoration reduce habitat susceptibility to invasion on former agricultural land?; Bryan Foster, associate professor.

From Shawnee 66217
Lauren Elizabeth Potter, senior in atmospheric science; daughter of Doug and Ruth Potter; Shawnee Mission North High School; Tracking Long Range Transport of Aerosols across the Pacific Ocean; David Braaten, professor.

From Shawnee 66218
Andrew David Wendorff, senior in aerospace engineering; son of John and Elizabeth Wendorff; Mill Valley High School; Autonomous wind-powered neutrino detection at the South Pole with the Askaryan Radio Array; Dave Besson, professor.

From Emporia 66801
Bethany Joanne Christiansen, senior in English and art; daughter of Dwight and Jeanine Christiansen; Emporia Senior High School; Hades: The Construction of a Graphic Novel; Kathryn Conrad, associate professor.

Noah A. Lock, senior in atmospheric science; son of Tony Lock; Chase County High School; Refinements to the Ozarks Pulse Thunderstorm Index; Donna Tucker, associate professor.

Tyler J. Thompson, senior in chemical engineering; son of Kenneth and Deborah Thompson; Emporia Senior High School; In situ scanning tunneling microscopy study of naphthalene and azulene SAMs on Au (111); Cindy Berrie, associate professor.

From Paola 66071
Timothy Paul Day, senior in biochemistry and microbiology; Kenneth and Linda Day; Spring Hill High School; Imbuing Aqueous Solubility to Recalcitrant Amine-bearing Drugs with a Vitamin; Sunil David, assistant professor.

From McPherson 67460
Julia Michaela Johanna Groeblacher, senior in economics and political science; daughter of Michaela Groeblacher; McPherson High School; An Analysis of Economic Growth Strategies and Their Impact on Egyptian Female Heads of Households; Mohamed El-Hodiri, professor, and Hannah Britton, associate professor.

From Goff 66428
Ella Medora Fund-Reznicek, senior in linguistics and musicology; daughter of Mary Fund and Edward Reznicek; Wetmore High School; Neural Responses to Chords During Music Processing: An EEG Study; Robert Fiorentino, assistant professor.

From Carbondale 66414
Hillary Grace Badger, senior in communication studies and public administration; Jeff Badger; Santa Fe Trail High School; Social Science; Leisha DeHart Davis, associate professor.

From Hutchinson 67502
Ryan Patrick Murphy, senior in chemical engineering; son of Eileen and Robert Murphy; Hutchinson Senior High School; Charge Transport in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Investigation of the Interface between Dye Molecules and Titanium Dioxide; Cindy Berrie, associate professor.

From Manhattan 66502
David Lerner Wilcox, senior in chemistry and English; son of Dan and Beth Wilcox; Manhattan High School; The Boundaries of the Human in Gothic Literature and Horror Films; Ann Rowland, associate professor.

From Manhattan 66503
George Louis Marchin, sophomore in computer engineering; son of George and Anne Marchin; Manhattan High School; Dielectric Properties of Antarctic Ice; David Besson, professor.

From Salina 67401
Corey Elizabeth Flanders, senior in psychology and women’s studies; daughter of Jane and Philip Flanders; Salina High School South; Sexual Situations Without Orgasm Reciprocity: What Happens When Only One Partner Orgasms?; Charlene Muehlenhard, professor.

Elizabeth M. Higgins, senior in psychology; daughter of Kayleen and Terry Chaput; Salina High School South; The Effect of Psychotropic Medication Use on Attitudes towards Antidepressants; Stephen Ilardi, associate professor.

Scott Archer Mitchell, senior in chemical engineering, biochemistry and biology; son of Mark and Kathi Mitchell; Salina High School South; Using Lamb/Rayleigh Wave Dispersion and Finite Element Analysis to Determine Viscoelastic Properties in Porcine Myocardium and Rubber Phantom; Cory Berkland, associate professor.

From Andale 67002
Emily Diane Hooker, senior in psychology and strategic communication; daughter of Dave Hooker; Andover Central High School; Assessing the Effectiveness of the Psychology Online Orientation Course; Paul Atchley, associate professor.

From Derby 67037
Danielle Dee Stuhlsatz; junior in microbiology; daughter of Davina and Robert Stuhlsatz; Derby High School; Observing Effect of Cholesterol Concentration on Lipid Membranes using Fluorescent Lipid Analog BODIPY-PC: Simulation and Experimental Studies; Wonpil Im, assistant professor.

Margaret Ann Tran, senior in environmental studies; daughter of Chinh and Lan Tran; Derby High School; Community Gardening; Kelly Kindscher, senior scientist.

From Goddard 67052
Emilie Roth-Anne Mainz, senior in biochemistry; daughter of Eric and Barbara Mainz; Andale High School; Exploring and Optimizing LIF for Detection of Nitric Oxide in Murine Macrophages; Sue Lunte, professor.

From Haysville 67060
Sophia Kaska, senior in biochemistry; daughter of Tek and Sarah Kaska; Derby High School; Evaluating a potential link between long-term psychoactive drug use with symptoms of Niemann-Pick type C disease; Jeff Krise, associate professor.

From Wichita 67212
Nicholas James Hoffmann, senior in chemical engineering; son of William and Michele Hoffmann; Maize High School; Computational Molecular Design of Ionic Liquids; Kyle Camarda, associate professor.

From Wichita 67214
Elisa Renee Rosales, sophomore in mathematics; daughter of Cindy and Lawrence Rosales; Wichita High School North; Modeling within-host viral dynamics: the basic model and extensions to within-host structure; Maria E. Orive, associate professor.

From Wichita 67226
Aaron G. Bart, senior in biology; son of Gerald and Roopa Bart; Independent High School; Interactions of the Drug Pilocarpine with Human Drug Metabolizing Enzymes; Emily E. Scott, assistant professor.

Maxwell E. White, senior in biology; son of Marc White; Andover High School; Failure of Thromboxane A2 to Enhance Contractile Responses to an α-Adrenergic Agonist in Isolated Segments of Aorta; James A Orr, professor.

From Wichita 67230
Najibullah Hafiz Wardak, senior in biology; son of Hafizullah and Soraya Wardak; Andover High School; Flexible Preference for the Visual Background or a Salient Near-Nest Beacon as Directional Cues for Homing in the House Mouse (Mus musculus); Ruldolf Jander, professor.

From Rossville 66533
Marc T. Roth, senior in biochemistry; son of Gary and Tina Roth; Rossville High School; Mouse studies to examine the effect of Hsp90 inhibitor KU-32 on Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) levels and cell proliferation; Kristi Neufeld, assistant professor.

From Topeka 66604
Hayley Genevieve Brazier, senior in history; daughter of Lorraine Brazier; Topeka West High School; The White Woman’s Struggle, the “Negro’s Hour” and the White Man’s Ambition: The 1867 Kansas Suffrage Campaign; Kim Warren, assistant professor.

From Topeka 66605
Earl Holmes Brooks, senior in American studies and music; son of Earl and Vanessa Brooks; Highland Park High School; From Sin to Sanctification; Randal Jelks, associate professor.

From Topeka 66610
Armand Heyns, senior in mechanical engineering; son of Johannes and Zelda Heyns; Washburn Rural High School; Analogue Spine Model Bone Marrow; Lisa Friis, associate professor.

From Topeka 66611
Nicole Elizabeth McClure, junior in human biology and art; daughter of Anna McClure; Topeka High School; In Reaction: Alaska; Mark Daly, associate director.

From Topeka 66618
Phillip Michael Morris, junior in chemical engineering; son of Richard Morris; Derby High School; Probing Cholesterol Dependent Lipid Properties Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations of BODIPY-PC in Explicit DMPC and DPPC membranes; Wonpil Im, assistant professor.

From Kansas City 66103
Mark Rockwell Osman, senior in cognitive psychology; son of Jane Vogl; Shawnee Mission South High School; The Mediating Role of Conservative Self-identity on Associations between Religiosity and both Individual Evolutionary Knowledge and Attitudes toward the Relevance of Evolution; Patricia Hawley, associate professor.

From Kansas City 66112
Caleb Michael Christianson, freshman in engineering physics; Living Heritage Academy, Lewisville, Texas; Optimization of Biosensors for In Vivo Measurement of Neurotransmitters; Judy Wu, distinguished professor.

From Phoenix 85021
Eugene Dale Cody, senior in mathematics; Westwood High School; Multivariate Vandermonde determinants and toric codes; John Little, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass.

From Buffalo Grove 60089
Aaron Joseph Kalfen, senior in architecture; son of Donald and Pamela Kalfen; Adlai E. Stevenson High School; An Extension to the Lawrence Arts Center: Exploring Transparency and Visibility; Kapila Silva, assistant professor.

From Owensboro 42303
Ryan Joseph Taber, nondegree-seeking student; son of Ron and Karen Taber; Examining Language Change: A Study of Economy vs. Entropy; Michael Vitevitch, associate professor.

From Harrisonville 64701
Lynne Marie Lammers, senior in linguistics; daughter of Jana Jorn; Baldwin High School; The perception of foreign-accented speech: Accentedness, comprehensibility, and intelligibility; Joan Sereno, professor.

From Kansas City 64114
Paige Marie Mathias, senior in psychology; daughter of Julie Nicely; Saint Teresa’s Academy; Morphological processing of compound and pseudocompound words; Greg B. Simpson, interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

From Kansas City 64131
Craig Curtis Calkins IV, senior in professional master of architecture program; son of Kristene Hawthorne; Rockhurst High School; Lawrence Art-Cohousing Community; Kapila Silva, assistant professor.

From O'Fallon 63368
Matthew Alexander Ransom, junior in professional master of architecture program; son of Lawrence and Jeanie Ransom; Fort Zumwalt West High School; Tadao Ando and the Japanese Tea House: Vernacular Traditions in Contemporary Japanese Architecture; Kapila Silva, assistant professor.

From Raytown 64133
Anthony Robert Prosser, senior in chemistry; son of Kevin Prosser; Jefferson West High School; Diasteroconvergent Synthesis of Cyclopropyl Diamides; Mikhail A. Rubin, assistant professor.

From St. Charles 63303
Jamie Leigh Bost, senior in history and linguistics; daughter of Deborah Bost; St. Charles West High School; The Effects of Word Category Frequency on the Resolution of Ambiguous Sentences; Robert Fiorentino, assistant professor.

From St. Louis 63129
Maria Zarin Beg, senior in African and African-American studies; daughter of Zarin and Yusaf Beg; Mehlville Senior High School; “Contradictory or Complementary? Attitudes towards the Tunisian Code of Personal Status”; Naima Boussofara, associate professor.

From Stillwater 74075
Amy Virginia Buchanan, senior in theatre; daughter of David and Cindy Buchanan; Stillwater High School; A Study of Experimental Theatre through Observation and Performance; Henry Bial, associate professor.

From Taylors 29687
Paul Michael Calnon, senior in mathematics; son of Dan and Guin Calnon; Bob Jones Academy; Distributed Computation and Visualization of the Parameter Space of the Complex Hnon Map; Estella Gavosto, associate professor.

From Bellaire 77401
Dena Hurwitz Feiveson, senior in psychology; daughter of Alan and Marsha Feiveson; High School for the Performing and Visual Arts; Using Facial Feedback to Manage Stress; Sarah Pressman, assistant professor.

From Southlake 76092
Lauren Patricia Parrish, senior in psychology and counseling psychology; daughter of David and Karen M. Parrish; Carroll High School; Body Dissatisfaction, Thin-Ideal Internalization, Body Mass Index and the Media; Rick Ingram, professor.

From Belo Horizonte
Patrick Sullivan De Oliveira, senior in history and journalism; son of Luiz Carlos and Pat Sullivan De Oliveira; Ghosts of Modernity: Changes in Urban Identity in Nineteenth-Century Lyon; Nathan Wood, assistant professor.

From Jamshedpur
Subhankar Halder, sophomore in mathematics and physics; son of Tusar Kanti Halder; Loyola High School; On Feynman's Hypothesis; Michael Murray, associate professor.

From Shymkent
Alexandra Stanislavovna Bazaliyeva, senior in public administration; daughter of Natalia and Bazaliyev Stanislav Makarenko; Do State Laws Affect the Voter Registration Drives Conducted by Third Party Organizations?; Kelly LeRoux, assistant professor.

From Seoul
HaeNa Kim, junior in psychology; daughter of Tae Myun Kim; Taejang High School; Morphological processing of compound and pseudocompound words; Greg B. Simpson, interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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